30 tips for choosing a website name in a professional and suitable way for SEO

Everything you need to know about choosing a good website name.

30 tips on choosing the best website name, what aftermath to choose, what to look for, and how to advertise, maintain and protect it.

How to choose the best name for your website?

Before your website is officially available online, you need to select a suitable website name.

The name of the site is actually the name of your company. So you have to think about it carefully before you decide.

Now follow these 30 tips to choose a good and suitable website name for SEO

 website name in a professional SEO
30 tips for choosing a website name in a professional and suitable way for SEO

30 tips for choosing a website name in a professional and suitable way for SEO

  1. Choosing a website name SEO is easy and unforgettable

The name of the should also be easy to write. It may be difficult for a visitor to enter long sentences of words into your domain name correctly.

Remember that the incorrectly entered domain name will redirect the visitor to a completely different website.

  1. Your domain Website name should not be your company.

When choosing a domain name, one of the things to consider is whether it fits your company. However, the domain name should not be the company name at any cost.

For example, your company name may be FinServices GmbH, but you can find a more suitable name for a website like finanzen.com.

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  1. Choose a website name with keywords

In choosing a website name you should include a targeting word: if your company has a particular service or product, you can include it in the address as well. For example, if you offer limousine rental, you can select the domain address LimousineMieten.com.

Including certain keywords will make it easier for users to find your website using the search engine. In other words, using keywords in the domain name will increase the degree of search engine optimization as well as traffic on your website.

  1. Mention the abbreviation of your state as one of the most important ways of choosing a good website name.

When choosing a website name SEO, you should focus on mentioning the abbreviation of the country to which your company’s activity belongs. For example, if your limousine company is located in Kuwait, You can call it LimousineMieteWien.kw. This option is ideal if your business is local and you want local customers to find you easily.

  1. Choose a permanent Website name for your website

Are you planning to expand your business to provide more relevant services in the future? If your answer is yes, this should be taken into account when choosing a website name and in this case you should consider in advance the correct domain name.

For example, if your domain is WeddingLimousineMiet.kw , you can only offer wedding limousines. However, if you wish to provide general limousine services in the future, you will have to change your website name later.

So always use a generic keyword that allows you to grow your business without changing your domain and location name. Keep in mind that changing your domain can negatively affect your overall search order and incur additional costs.

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  1. Use your website name as a sign and logo SEO.

When choosing a website name you should think of it as a trademark or logo for your site and not just an expressive address.

  1. Add a unique website name SEO extension that is not similar to another name

I want the reader to be able to remember the domain name including that later, this is one of the best ways and factors to choose a successful website name, as the name of your website .net for example, may be written by the visitor .com to popularize this later..

So you pay good attention to that point.

  1. Pay attention to the numbers when choosing a website name.

It is better to avoid numbers. If the visitor knows only the area of listening, he will not know if he will write 10 tips.at or zehntipps.at.

  1. Avoid tags and symbols in your site address

If you have the Mohamed-blog.com domain, the visitor may accidentally try to use Mohamed-blog.com.

  1. Beware of capital letters

In choosing a website name always try to be the name in small English letters and not large ones.

  1. What about formation marks and abbreviations?

Using formation tags in a website address at your discretion I personally avoid it, but of course, it depends on the current situation.

  1. Be unique and not resemble other mercenaries.

Instead of a generic name that can be misleading with other fields, try to think of something original and your own alone.

  1. Prefer a short domain name

A short domain name is more memorable. The search was done and the 100 most visited websites in the world had the longest name of 12 characters, most of them up to 8 characters. See brands like Google, Twitter, etc.

  1. Avoid defamatory phrases

Beware of inappropriate/vulgar expressions in choosing a website name. Not only in the language in which you choose the domain, but also in foreign languages.

  1. Beware of funny expressions

Avoid choosing a Website name SEO that invites ridicule or laughter. So as not to be ridiculed and manifest a lack of seriousness.

  1. Choose a website name available on Social Media as well

Once you have chosen a domain name, continuously advertise it across the board. It should not happen that you have on Facebook as Mohamed, or on Instagram as mohamed1, and on Twitter be Mohamed. blog. Your domain is your brand and SEO.

  1. Try Name Builder

If you have no idea how to choose the right domain, you can use domain name generators. Use domain generators to get suggestions for available words.

  1. Pay attention to the correct rules and writing

If you are not sure if your idea is grammatically correct, it is better to read it.

  1. Watch out for typographical errors

Beware of typographical errors caused by negligence. Especially when buying a domain.

  1. Spelling Domin name

First draft the domain name in English, for example, it can be dictated to someone.

  1. ORG for organizations Website name

In choosing a website name for the organizations I will choose extension.org.

  1. DE German company, AT Austrian company, eg Egyptian company

It seems to me that the .de finish is the most valuable for the German audience and. For Austrian visitors AT people are used to it.

  1. COM for a commercial website

I’ll choose an extension .com for a multinational commercial site.

  1. Consider the creative end

Consider using one of several emerging ends. Use an original end like .me or .blog to create a blog or personal website.

  1. Add an end to your address

Consider including the end in the name. Take an example from Matt Mullenweg’s personal blog, founder of WordPress. He added his name to the domain name: ma.tt.

  1. Find brands

Make sure that another company already has the name you choose or not.

In addition to the risk of prosecution for trademark violation, this can lead to further confusion. For example, using wordpressblog.com without consent is illegal because WordPress is a trademark.

  1. Choose it yourself Website SEO

In the end, I recommend choosing a website name that you prefer from the suggestions.

Because you’re going to write it and work on it for years.

  1. Encourage the right feelings

Marketing professionals are advised to promote the correct emotions of the product. Try this with the domain name website as well.

  1. One Night Referee

Don’t think of a website name for a long time at night, the rule states that you should sleep before you buy a range, and if you still like the idea the next day, feel free to buy it.

  1. See Field History

On web.archive.org you can read how the field evolves. Avoid areas with inappropriate history.

Once you have selected the best domain name, I recommend registering it as soon as possible as it is sold out quickly. Personally, I buy domains through my web hosting provider.

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